Fashion at Walmart


Fashion at Wal-Mart

I’ve been a Walmart girl since I was born. It was the place to go in our tiny town in West Virginia where I grew up. Most of our play clothes were from there, so now it’s time for my kids. I was blown away at what they have to offer now, especially online! Y’all know I’m a sucker for affordable/matching dresses and I found this cute pair online. They definitely run a tad large, so don’t size up. I typically size up in the kids clothes, but I didn’t for these. My dress would be an excellent pool/beach cover up and I went with a size medium. My favorite item are these heart shaped sunglasses! They look just like the Valentino brand and they are so fun to wear 😉

Eliza May Rose Compass Bag | Heart SunglassesKids Heart Shaped SunglassesRuffle Sandal | Button Up Dress | Jelly Shoes | Ruffle Chambray Dress | Earring option 1 | Earring Option #2 (I’m wearing these)



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