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7 Healthy Travel Hacks


7 Healthy Travel Hacks

I’m excited to share with y’all 7 Healthy Travel Hacks that will keep you healthy with low stress. When we first started having kids, every time we traveled somebody started barfing. It all started with the flu at my grandmother’s funeral 6 years ago… and I was on barf duty. As a parent, it’s stressful if anyone gets sick, especially if it’s you! My kids always getting sick became a running joke in my family, and I was the only one that didn’t find it funny. I now have products in my life that make traveling less stressful, and they are worth their weight in gold!

Thieves Vitality Oil – If you’re wanting to UP your immunity, the best oil to support your immune system is Thieves! This oil made me a believer. We use ALL things Thieves at our house. It’s infused in the Thieves cleaner and the pure essential oil is diffused and applied in our home daily. Thieves oil comes in the premium starter kit, which is perfect to ingest, diffuse or dilute in a roller to apply on your body for boosted immunity. I love rolling it on the bottoms of my feet, where the largest pores are located on the body. I diffuse it in all hotel rooms, and always roll it on while we are on a trip. So great for immune support during cold and flu season. The roller in the pic above is  pre-diluted one that Young Living sells in case you’re feeling kind of lazy and don’t want to make your own. I get it, I have it too 😉 The pre-diluted roller is $29.75 #24364 – or just get the kit and a bottle of Thieves oil comes with it!

Thieves Spray – This is the perfect 1oz size bottle for spraying on airplane trays, handles, hands, and just surfaces in general. This comes in the premium starter kit.

Thieves Hand Purifier – Finally, a hand purifier that doesn’t dry your hands out! There are no hormone disruptors in this bottle or alcohol, which should give you a sigh of relief. And it works just as great as any others on the market. This comes in the premium starter kit and lasts forever since it’s so concentrated.

Digize Vitality Oil – This is a POWERHOUSE oil that has helped my body knock out the stomach bug and also supported our digestion! If I start to have any sort of stomach bloat, cramp or growl, put a drop in your mouth and experience relief. If you don’t like the taste of oils, you can put them in an empty vegetable capsule or even drop a few drops in your belly button!  This oil comes in the premium starter kit.

Ginger Vitality Oil – Oh how I wish I had this oil when I was nauseous during pregnancy. I can’t stand the taste of Ginger tea to this day. This will help support anyone that gets motion sickness. Planes, boat rides, car rides, etc…somebody always needs this oil. You can drop it straight into your mouth or in a vegetable capsule too. #5588  This is $13.50 with member pricing.

Peppermint Vitality Oil – This oil has a cooling effect on the skin and is perfect for opening up restricted blood vessels on the temples when you have a headache. A little goes a long way! Peppermint helps awaken your mind…one of the reasons it’s great to diffuse and apply while studying or working. If you feel jet-lagged, apply some topically or drop them in a glass of water, and it will help wake you up 😉 This oil also comes in the premium starter kit.

Panaway Oil – Think of this oil as “Pain Away!” I love rolling this straight on my achy muscles or on top of the Cool Azul pain relief cream I just applied. It takes everything to the next level. This oil also comes in the premium starter kit.

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream – I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, and it always worsens when I travel. Being restricted in an airplane seat usually sets me off so I keep this in my bag and apply every couple hours to help keep my neck loose. You’re probably familiar with Icy Hot, but that is full of toxic chemicals, so this is an easy non-toxic switch you can make. I cannot say enough about this cream. #5759 This is $44 with member pricing.

Super C Chewable – we all need vitamin C! So great for immune support and fighting off that viral load. This is the only vitamin C chewable in the world that combines citrus essential oils, citrus bioflavonoids, and whole-food, natural vitamin C in one tablet. Super C chewable is the most complete, biologically utilizable vitamin C supplement available that is derived from a whole-food source of acerola cherries. It is a delicious way to get your daily dose of vitamin C without having to swallow pills. Its tangy, citrus flavor goes down easily and starts working immediately. Everyone I’ve told to try this has loved it!. #3251 This is $32.75 with member pricing.

To see everything that comes in the premium starter kit click here. It’s the most bang for your buck. One you buy a kit, you can have member pricing on EVERYTHING – no monthly minimums, don’t worry! And plus, you’ll have me to message and text with to help you out. 

This sweater is actually a sweater dress, but I’m super long waisted so it’s the perfect tunic length when I wear leggings. These are also the commando leggings which are much shinier and look more like real leather compared to the Spanx leggings. If you want something dressier, this is a great option with heels and something sparkly on top. My luggage is from AWAY and it’s a fave of mine. My bag was custom designed from Cape Cobra, go check the out too.

Happy Travels!

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