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Who Wore It Best?

Who Wore it Best

Happy Valentine’s Day from my boys! This might be the cutest Valentine you will ever receive!! My sweet boys were completely underwhelmed by this blog project, but don’t worry, they got a lot of treats. Henley actually loves being dressed up and Gunner was a little anxious about the pink wig at first. They both looked so cute in it I couldn’t decide who should wear it. Next time, I will buy 2 wigs…obviously 😉

This is Gunner’s first appearance on the blog. Gunner is my husbands hunting dog… Well, this hunting dog loves city life, doing carpool, laying by warm fires and cuddling with his mama.



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  1. 2.14.20
    Lisa said:

    Gunner, The picture with his paws crossed…i cant even 🤣🤣🤣

  2. 2.14.20
    KLM said:

    So mean to dress your dOgs up like that.

  3. 2.14.20
    TEresa said:

    Soo adorable! 🥰 You diDn’t mention yOu used to be An ace dog PHOTOGRAPHER. 😉 I think gunner one with That cute pInk wig! 😂😂😂