White Master Bathroom Renovation

White Master Bathroom Renovation

I love refreshing a space and making it my own. When we moved into our house 3 years ago we didn’t completely gut the bathroom, we just tweaked it.  The major thing we did to this space was new tile on the floor and in the shower. It doesn’t sound like a lot…but it was! It was a very dusty and lengthy process and it would have been ideal if that was a functioning window in the bathroom. Because the window wasn’t functioning, they had to remove all of the debris with buckets and pass through the closet area, master bedroom, library and the front hall. The entire house was taped up with plastic to keep the dust out of other rooms. They completely removed the cabinetry for the new tile, so the bathroom looked completely gutted at one point  I am still thrilled at how it turned out. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see some of the renovation pics!!

Renovation List:

  1. New tile on the floor and in the shower
  2. Replaced hardware with unlaquered brass
  3. New brass light fixtures
  4. Fresh paint on the cabinets
  5. New toilet

Personal Touches:

I love putting personal touches in intimate spaces like photographs of my girls. I keep all of the family photos in the office, upstairs, etc instead of the main living area. I love that as I get ready I can see two of my favorite photographs in the reflection of the mirror 😉

Makeup Mirror | Dayna Stool | Grenol Chandelier | Hulton Sconce | Duck Leg Mirror | Large Pitcher (different than pictured) | Garden Stool

Before/Renovation Pictures

The last space in my home that I shared was My Home Office, check it out! -Jess


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  1. Jess-
    Looks Sooo great!!!
    ANd I loved the book I gave you beside the bath tub!
    Also-love what you And Nola did in Alys BeaCh!!!
    Your cocktail napkins will finally be ready
    Next week-crazy Covid!