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How I Style The Aria In My Home

How I Style The Aria In My Home

It is no secret that I love to diffuse all over my house all day long. My favorite diffuser is the Aria because it is gorgeous and looks cool in any room. Why do I diffuse?! I ditched candles long ago and use a diffuser and oils instead because it makes me feel great and I love the way they smell. I diffuse in bed while I read for relaxation, while I sleep for immune + deeper sleep, while I work for better mental focus and clarity, in my bathroom for a spa vibe and while I do the dishes for calm feelings.

Do you want an Aria Diffuser?

I thought so, everybody loves this diffuser and the pedestal it sits on. To get added to my list for a back in stock alert, click here! It’s supposed to come back this month and will sell out again like it has all summer long!!!

How to get your FREE pedestal

Do you love the pedestal my Aria is sitting on? It makes the whole setup in my house swoon worthy. The Aria is coming back in stock this month and when you get your essential oil kit from me in September, I am going to send you the pedestal as a THANK YOU for joining my community. To get alerted for the Back In Stock announcement, click here to get added to the list. As soon as it comes back in stock, I will email you immediately before it gets sold out again! This might be the last month I can offer these pedestals, so be sure to grab one 😉 To choose your pedestal color, click here. We have natural, white and gold. Just in time to make your holiday decor glow even brighter!

Easy to Clean

I clean my Aria about once a month and it’s super easy! Most of the time I put my glass dome in the dishwasher and then I spray the inside of the diffuser with some diluted Thieves cleaner. I use Thieves to clean everything, it smells so good and it’s non toxic.

Easy to get started:

Just fill it up with water to the waterline, add your oils and press on. We have tons of recipe cards to equip our members. Our recipes help with relaxation, better sleep, mental clarity/focus and not to mention all of the yummy fall blends. This is how you get your house to smell like Fall in the safest way possible. Remember fragrance is TOXIC and candles are filled with fragrance. You might be surprised how toxic even a soy candle can be due to the the wick. Yuck, not worth it!


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