Go Faux: Find Your Perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig + Olive Tree

Go Faux: Find Your Perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig + Olive Tree

One of the best design decisions I made at my house was investing in a few faux trees to add life and color to my spaces. Most people aren’t born with a green thumb and even if you are sometimes a design requires the placement of a plant this it not located in ideal growing conditions. A dark corner OR a room that gets too much sun can both be problematic, especially when a plant placement is ideal.

My sunroom gets overheated and has too much light to keep most plants thriving; so investing in two faux fiddle leaf fig trees was THE best decision for that room. It adds life, I never have to water them and they ALWAYS look perfect….ALWAYS! A real fiddle leaf fig of mature size can cost $400-$600+ depending on how tall and full it is. I’ve personally spent over $500 on a real tree and I killed it, and it stressed me out as it slowly died…

I’m excited to offer all of you some gorgeous trees that will never die and will make any space feel so cozy and complete. I love the height and the color it adds to any room! There are a lot of fake plants out on the market, but the goal of a fake plant is for it to NEVER look fake. So here you are, here is the answer to your design problems!


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Sizes + Pricing

Olive Trees

Olive Tree Sizes + Pricing


Tree Container Options

These are all fiberglass planters that are made to look like heavy pots. When purchased with a tree, the inside of the pot is sprayed to fit the tree. It also comes with pine bark for top cover. You will see that I styled one tree with pine bark and the other with live moss.

How to Order

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These items include shipping, but sales tax will be applied on the invoice.

Order by September 30th for 10% off your order.

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