Fall Aesthetic Edition – What Is In My Weekend Bag? - J. Cathell

Fall Aesthetic Edition – What Is In My Weekend Bag?

Fall Aesthetic Edition

Fall is officially here so I’m sure you are ready for a weekend getaway, too! I have been dreaming about the mountains since the cooler weather hit Atlanta. From luggage to location, I’ve thought about the essentials to a quiet weekend away. First, let’s begin with location. Just a few hours from Atlanta, Blackberry Farms offers luxury without the fuss. However, if you can’t get away to Blackberry Farm, you can still head to their farm shop. You’ll find stunning craftsmanship that’ll elevate your Thanksgiving table as well as sweet treats to serve your family. Now let’s move on to the luggage.

I like to keep it simple when getting away for a quick weekend. Life is already packed tight and a trip like this is meant to be relaxing. Opting for a small piece of luggage means less to pack and therefore more time to enjoy the spa! As for packing, include pieces that are easily interchangeable and layered. In addition to layers, keeping a neutral color palette will further help to make your pieces work for you. I’ve included a few minimal pieces of jewelry in my round up to polish the look.

Before you head out on your get away, don’t forget to call ahead for on site reservations. It’s a great idea to have spa appointments booked as well as dinner reservations if there is a particular spot you’d like to try. Having a few things prepared, will leave you time to enjoy every moment on your trip. Lastly, don’t forget to stay safe while traveling. Head over to my post on 7 healthy travel hacks to get you all set for the road. Most importantly- have fun! Enjoy your fall weekend getaway!


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