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Organized Refrigerator Overhaul That Just Makes Sense

Organized Refrigerator Overhaul

Organized spaces just make sense. Whether that is in a closet, a drawer or in today’s case: the refrigerator. Not only do organized spaces look good, but they also make our busy routine flow that much easier. The girl’s know that snacks can be found in the drawers conveniently placed at their level, and I can quickly assess our grocery levels thanks to clear storage containers. Moreover, the clear containers make clean up of the fridge a breeze. I’m able to pull them out and wipe down surfaces as needed, instead of worrying about something leaking and having to take out the entire shelf. Before you begin, plan out what containers you’ll need. Start by taking note of your frequently purchased items.

The Organized Process

Let’s begin to get your refrigerator organized! First I like to start by taking everything out, and wiping down all the surfaces. This way I know I am starting with a clean surface. Consequently, you might need to have a cooler on hand for items that need immediate refrigeration (for example- eggs, milk based products, or meat). However, if you do not have a large cooler on hand, work in sections. Of course I use Thieves because I know it’ll clean without harming any of the produce that’ll go back into the refrigerator. I wipe down all of the containers as well. Once your shelves and bins are cleaned, you can map out where you’ll want to place items. Think about accessibility, not only for yourself but also your kids. Again, this will save you and your family time.

Get Organized

Finally, we can put everything back in. As well as pairing similar items together, I keep labels facing out so that I can see what I am pulling. Prior to putting vegetables in, I give them a good cleanse with vegetable wash to remove germs or residue. Now that your items are in, let’s additionally take a look at leftover food storage. Above all, I shop for storage that is clear so that I know what is inside and can easily check out the refrigerator. Ultimately this helps minimize food waste, and is great for meal prep.



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  1. 3.22.21
    angie said:

    hi, what clear storage did you use here and where did you find it? I love it, obsessed!

    • 3.23.21
      Jess K. said:

      Hi Angie! I have made it so that you can click the images in the slider to shop them. Let me know if you have any trouble with that!

  2. 3.28.21
    stacey said:

    love this! what brand/style of fridge is this?