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How Brain Training Can Help Your Kids

Oct 7

The school year is in full force! I’ve been getting my girls ready with affordable new wardrobes and treating them to as much outdoor fun before the weather gets too cold. They deserve it, because they’ve been working hard on an incredible brain training course: LearningRx. 

I’ve always worried that my girls would lose some of their mental gains over summer break. A couple years ago, a friend suggested that we try LearningRx. It’s a program that tests your child’s cognitive skills, finds her strengths and weaknesses. Then pairs her with a brain trainer for one-on-one sessions to help her become a smarter, more well-rounded student. 

I was amazed by Nola and Quinn’s results the first time they did LearningRx, so we decided to re-enroll them this summer, with a special focus on reading and retention. 

My second grader’s reading skills greatly improved! I’ve been in awe of her accomplishments and I’m so glad that she feels confident and happy heading into a challenging school year. 

If you want to give your kids an extra mental boost and help them shine in class, LearningRx is a great choice. I can’t recommend it enough. 

What Is LearningRx?

LearningRx offers one-on-one brain training and cognitive development that’s tailored to your child’s needs. 

Cognitive skills are responsible for how efficiently your brain can learn, process, retain, and use information. They include how well you read, problem solve, remember, and pay attention. 

Strengthening your child’s cognitive skills provides a huge head start heading into a challenging school year. LearningRx offers friendly, supportive training programs that will help your kids do their very best. 

LearningRx has two phases:

Cognitive Testing

Before the training starts, you bring your child in for standardized cognitive testing. It gives you a look inside their brains and helps determine which skills are stronger and which may be weaker for them. 

In my case, the girls were both strong in long-term memory and weaker in skills needed to read efficiently and fluently. They were also somewhat weaker in skills needed to pay attention. 

brain training

Fun (and Effective) Brain Training

Once you’ve found the specific skills your child can improve on, the brain training begins. 

Brain training focuses on improving the underlying brain weaknesses that make learning hard. They help your child build a more organized, functional brain, creating the foundation for academic and life success. 

To kids, the training is fun and game-like, but all the procedures are customized to create purposeful improvement in brain function. They literally rewire your child’s brain, forming and strengthening brain pathways that help your child read, learn, and pay attention. 

I enrolled my girls for three training sessions per week. They loved their trainers, and they enjoyed the sessions so much that they’d actually look forward to them. 

How Long Does LearningRx Last?

All of LearningRx’s programs can be completed within a school year or shorter. Nola and Quinn went for two months, and I’m thinking about sending them back during the school year for even more support. 

Training can be in person or via Zoom. The girls did both!

What Are The Results?

The other great thing about LearningRx is that they test your children after the program, so you can see actual numbers showing how much your kids have improved. 

By the end of the program, my girls saw changes in reading skills, fluency, attention and following directions. 

The changes were especially impressive for Quinn with attention – that was one of our goals, and we saw huge changes in her ability to stay on task and focus as she progressed through the program. 

After their first round of LearningRx, I got comments from both Nola and Quinn’s teachers about how much better they were doing in class. They just finished their second round of LearningRx; I can’t wait to see how they do this year. 

brain education

My Kids Love LearningRx

LearningRx has been huge for us over the last couple years. It’s such a good way to help your kids stay confident and perform well in school. 

Building cognitive skills can help your child focus, learn information better, remember what they’ve learned, and access their knowledge with confidence and ease. 

LearningRx has helped my girls excel in class, and I’m going to continue enrolling them as they get older to help them excel at life, too. 

If you want to help your child build a stronger brain, pay attention better, and shine in school, LearningRx is an amazing choice. It’s fun for your kid and it really, really works. 

Kids with stronger cognitive skills have a better ability to focus and learn information in whatever way it is presented, remember what they’ve learned, use what they’ve learned, and perform faster. LearningRx is not a substitute for a curriculum, but the program allows students to excel not only in their school’s curriculum, but in life!

How to Schedule:

For more information or to schedule a consultation please contact:

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**Disclaimer: these images were taken before masks/shields were implemented and required. Please call your local center to find out what their Covid-19 policies are.