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Fitness Fashion + Accessories : Your 14-Day Reset

Fitness Fashion & Accessories



Fitness is an important part of my life, and I have been wanting new fashion accessories to help me stay on top of my goals. The first step I take when looking to improve my routine is evaluating my water intake. Once I found this water bottle, I noticed how motivated I was to make it to the end. This is an easy way to ensure you stay on top of that first fitness goal! Always remember that too much water can wash away important minerals in your body. To calculate your daily intake, take your body weight and divide it in half. Your final number will be the same number in ounces you’ll need daily.

Why start with water at the beginning of your fitness journey? Water is an essential part of your body and it helps to keep everything moving. It also helps to boost your skin health and beauty as well as regulate your body temperature. Since we all want to keep our skin hydrated and looking younger- do yourself a favor and pick up one of these bottles!

Now that we’ve tackled water, let’s begin a 14-Day Reset together! As co-founder of The WellKeep we brought in a top naturopathic doctor and celebrity trainer to create a fully guided, all natural program that will jumpstart your wellness goals. You can learn more here, and join me in November to kick start weight loss, cleanse toxins, increase energy, tone up & boost immune function. Find the list of items I’ll be bringing with me on this 14-Day Reset below.




Hourly Water Bottle

This water bottle will help you stay on track for success.



Supplement Carrier

My favorite part of the program are the supplements that help to heal me from the inside out. Prepare your week and advance to make sure you always have them ready.



Apple iWatch

Track your stats while staying on time.



Adidas Running Shoes

I love wearing sneakers, especially when they are this fun. You can’t go wrong with a fun twist on a great shoe.



Apple AirPods Pro

Listen to music or a good podcast- either way I love having these sound canceling AirPods.



Yoga Mat

Whether used for stretching or meditation, I loved the fun colors offered by this brand.





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