Mastering Color In A Master Bedroom Update

Mastering Color In A Master Bedroom Update

Mastering color in any room can be a challenge, let along your master bedroom. As you think about colors you’d like to use in any room, remember how those colors affect your mood. When I started to decorate our master bedroom, I knew I wanted to use orange as an accent color. It’s a happy and grounding color that makes a statement. Not only that, but I knew the orange would pop against the subtle neutrals and all the sky blue that pours in our windows.

Accent colors are one of the best ways to change a room. You’ll notice that I chose to create an impact with color by limiting usage and highlighting focal points. If you find yourself having a hard time committing to a particular color, try using that color only in the accessories around the room. Try changing your window coverings, pillows or even throw blankets. All of these options will quickly transform your room. Picking one accent color will have a more dramatic effect than multiple colors.


Additional Design Elements To Consider

One factor to considering when planning your master bedroom is scale. Consider the size of your room, and the scale of the pieces that’ll go in there. Using a large chandelier and drapery to the ceiling gives a dramatic line to follow. Balancing dramatic and subtle will creating a more visually appealing room. On that sam line, think about balance between symmetry and asymmetry. I love imploring both aspects of design!

Most items in my room were either custom made, or cherished pieces I’ve had for years. I’ve pulled together pieces that get the look and feel of the room without being exact! If you’re looking to add greenery to your room, but don’t want the trouble of a real fiddle fig tree- head over to this post! Above all, have fun with color in your rooms, and send over your color updates so I can see how you master color!


Jess Cathell

Jess Cathell is an Atlanta based lifestyle and interior creator, designer, and tastemaker. With years of experience in home decor and a portfolio ranging from farm house to the beach, Jess is known for creating balanced spaces with notes of the unexpected. Inspired by the fusion of traditional elements with bold contemporary design, she has developed a clear transitional style. Her most recent work can be found in the Atlanta Magazine as a tribute to the modern home work space. She has collaborated with brands such as Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and is continually looking to connect with local and sustainable sources.

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  1. 10.12.20
    Anne MOIse said:

    Beautiful! Can you share the wall color?
    Thank you

  2. 10.21.20
    Lisa Kissee said:

    Can you give me more information on the rug?
    Thank you

  3. 7.18.21
    Emily Reel said:

    Can you share where you had that headboard made? It’s beautiful.

    • 7.18.21

      I bought the whole bed from Bungalow classic back in 2012, they probably still carry it!