Sweater Weather: Your Guide To Staying Cozy + Chic

Sweater weather is here and you have the ultimate guide to finding the best this season has to offer. This year sweaters are all about the details. I am loving it! I like to keep my outfits simple, and prefer to have one statement piece on at a time. Many of the sweaters I’ve selected offer just that!

Sweaters can be a great layering piece. When picking one out, think about the weight of the material, and what you’ll need the sweater for. As with most tops, I’d suggest having at least one cream/white, one black and a nice neutral. Beyond that, have fun with color!

Sweater weather may get gloomy with shorter days, but there is no reason your wardrobe has to be. I hope you have been able to find something you love. As always, send me an email or tag me on social media if you’ve found something from this post! If you’re looking for my favorite accessory to any outfit, head over here to find out more.

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