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Christmas Gifts For Kids: Quality Presents For Ages 4-10

Christmas gifts for kids can be a challenge, but this year I’m here to help you! I’ll be dropping multiple gift guides to point you to the top retailers with heirloom quality items at varying price points. This year we are taking a look at how best to encourage creative and cooperative play as so many kids are adjusting to school at home.

My girls make it easy when I’m searching for Christmas gifts. They let me know exactly what they are loving and get so excited searching through catalogs. Some of their current favorites include: these magic color books, this rattan shopping cart, and of course a princess and pea mouse set. Below you will see our top picks for Christmas gifts for the girls in our lives!

Now let’s move on to Christmas gifts for the boys! There are so many fun toys out there that I know any kid would love. Some of my favorite things include this workbench, this bike for getting out energy, this fishing set that’s great for counting work and coordination. Scroll through the items below for more ideas!

While shopping for Christmas gifts for the kids, I also like to prepare activities along the way. One of our favorite things to do is decorate gingerbread houses. I love these smaller sizes especially with little kids around. They don’t take as much time and give each kid the opportunity to create their own.

Today I’ve shared some of my favorite online stores (here and here). They fulfill my checklist for great quality and encourage creative play. I like that these toys ignite imagination as well. I’m already hearing the girls run through the house on adventures with their dolls and see tea parties in my future. Check out this post or this one for something fun you can serve (and have the kids help make!).

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