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The Perfect Pair: Gift Guide For The Hostess

Nov 13

Let’s talk about the perfect pair gift guide for the hostess today! I know how much work goes into hosting a party, and I always like to take something for the host. It’s a small thank you for all the work they put into a fun evening! You’ll find items from all over that’ll be used for years to come. Now each time they use the gift, they’ll be reminded of the fun memories of the dinner!

You know the host best of all, so go for a gift you know they’ll love. Finding the perfect pair for your host will be a breeze in this gift guide. For the green thumb, pick up one of these and fill it with a potted plant. Meanwhile, these handmade vases (here and here) would be gorgeous with flowers from your local florist. If you’re in Atlanta, take a vase in to Le Jardin and they’ll help design something for you! This gorgeous decanter or chic opener is fantastic for wine lovers.

Another tip I like to share is to keep a few gifts on hand. You never know when someone might decide to host a dinner last minute. For gifts like this I’d keep a small supply in a closet with items anyone would love. It’s also a good idea to know the local shops you can easily pop into for a special gift. These gifts should be appropriate year round and could be given to any friend on your list. Find gifts like this, this, or this. Lastly, if you’re the one hosting this year check out this post on entertaining, or this for ideas on setting your table.