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Your Ultimate Guide To Handbags: Fall Edition

Nov 20

I had this idea for an ultimate guide to handbags but realized I change out my handbags each season so a guide needed to as well! In this fall edition of your ultimate guide to handbags, I’m sharing my favorite styles as well as a few pointers that help me pick out a bag. Whether you are looking for a staple piece, or something trendy, I hope you can use this to pick up your next handbag!

Function and Design

You need a handbag, but where to begin? Let’s start by thinking about functionality. For your ultimate handbag guide ask these questions:

  • How often do I see myself wearing this?
  • Where do I intend to wear it?
  • Is this something I’ll have for years or just a short term whim?
  • Can it be easily worn?
  • What needs to be able to fit inside of it?

Once I can answer those questions I have a better idea of what I’m looking for. When I know how often and where I want to wear it, I’ll be able to think about the style- clutch, shoulder, tote, etc.

Hues For Every Occassion

In this fall edition of your ultimate handbag guide, I want to talk about color! I love the warm rich colors found in fall, and I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and go for it. Of course it’s always smart to have your staple neutral handbag(s), but solid colors can be a “neutral” as well! I recently picked up this bag, and almost purchased it in black (it even comes in a sherpa black which I love, too!!). Since I already have a good black handbag, I ventured out with this warm olive green and have absolutely loved it. So let’s explore some color options!

Rose to Cabernet

Green With Envy

Best Of Blues

Cognac + Camels

Winter Whites

Basic Blacks