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Twas The Night Before Christmas

Nov 30

Traditions are wonderful, and Christmas is full of the best of them. From reading books, to completing the Advent calendar and leaving cookies out for Santa, there are so many great traditions during the holiday season. In less than a month, it’ll be the night before Christmas and I’m here to help you get ready!

One of my favorite traditions is getting new matching pajamas for Christmas. It’s a great time to get pictures of your kids, since the glow from the tree is perfect. The girls are still at that age where they’ll dress up together and I love it! There are so many prints available that are darling and the robes that I’ve linked are so cute. Below you’ll find a few of my favorites along with the books we enjoy reading each night.

Lastly, I always find myself in the kitchen during the Christmas season and it’s been a great place to make memories. This year I wanted to share this gluten free Christmas cookie recipes for Santa to enjoy the night before Christmas! It’s got maple syrup in it to keep it sweet, and I feel like it would be Buddy the Elf approved if he had them. The dough freezes well, but will need to thaw out after in order to allow the coconut oil to soften. I’ve left a recipe card here on the post so you can save it and make some for yourself! Let me know how they turn out and as always, tag me in pictures on social media if you make them!