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Luxe Dog Gift Guide

Dec 4

Your Best Dog Gift Guide

Our good boy Henley helped pick out a few of his favorite treats for this dog gift guide. Henley gave his seal with his paw of approval! You’ll find a little bit of all things luxe for fur friends, whether they are your dog or not. These would make great gifts for a friend who just happens to love dogs too! Probably at the top of my list is one of these treat dispensers for Henley.

Treats For Your Dog

When it comes to treats, I go for nutritional ones because I know Henley always gets extras. I have a whole post where I made some with the girls. Those would make a great gift if you are wanting to bake something! Otherwise, I found a ton of great companies that make dog treats. It’s amazing how you can get just about anything sent to you! I keep hearing great things about this dog food. I think it’d be the perfect gift for your dog or perhaps a family members puppy. It’s delivered right to your door!

Fashionable Fur Babies

Henley has put up with a lot of wardrobe changes in our house, but secretly I think he loves it. Hear are some easy gifts to pick up that any dog lover will adore.

Luxe Living For Your Dog Gift Guide

Spoil your dog with the cutest chew toys you ever did see! I had to pick up a few of these for Henley, and they’ll be a surprise. I can’t get over how clever these “Chewy Vuitton” and “Hairmes” are!