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The Fin / 3.0

The Fin 3.0

It’s the first weekend of December and in this drop of The Fin 3.0 there is so much to say! We are spending the week at The Greenbrier right now, and I’m having so much fun showing the girls around. Each year, they will remember more about this place and that makes me so happy. I grew up going there every year during the holidays, so it’s such a special place for me.

Speaking of The Greenbrier, I have some big plans around the house for Christmas decor that’ll bring a bit of that magic back to our home. There is also a special surprise coming to the blog, but you’ll see more on that later. Also, about to share some incredible clean makeup with you all. Keep on the lookout for that! Let’s get to The Fin though…


The Greenbrier seriously is the most magical place for Christmas. Have you seen this?

Can’t stop thinking about Henley when he was a puppy.

This starfish wall was so fun to make.

I love that I can have one place where I can drop outfits.


I’m curious about this for dogs.

Now that I’ve looked at so many dog things, I’m wanting to try this food delivery system for Henley.

Obsessed with this sweater.

It’s that time of year again…Harry & David is a must!

Current Reads

Getting coffee shop ready.

Picking a book from this list.

I enjoy learning more from these types of books.

That’s all for today, but I hope you all enjoyed perusing my mind for the time! I’m really looking forward to sharing more shots from our trip to the Greenbrier and introducing you all to such a magical place! If you go, please tag me or send me a message on social media. I always love to hear from you all!

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