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Chilipad: Sleep Tight Just Right

How to Keep Your Bed Sheets Perfectly Cool (Even if You’re a Hot Sleeper)

You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so when my husband and I restyled our master bedroom recently, I decided to go the extra mile and update our bed, too. I wanted to sleep tight just right.

Let me tell you, I am so happy I did. 

My husband and I have had a longstanding battle over the temperature in the master bedroom. He is a HOT sleeper and he loves to turn the air down in our room at night. I, on the other hand, run cold, and running the AC makes me freeze.  

We’ve never found a good solution — until a couple months ago, when I was looking for ways to make our room cozier and I came across the chiliPAD.  

What Is the chiliPAD?

The chiliPAD acts like personal temperature control for your side of the bed. You just slip it under your sheets, plug it in, and you have immediate control over how hot or cold you want your bed to be, down to a single degree. 

You can program the chiliPAD to stay steady at anywhere between 55 – 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s basically a temperature-controlled mattress topper, complete with remote controls that let you set the perfect sleeping temperature for your side of the bed. 

Why I LOVE the chiliPAD

The chiliPAD has made such a difference in my sleep quality. I have the 1/2 king, which I gave to my husband. Now he can make his side of the bed as cold as he wants without turning down the air and freezing the rest of us. My idea of being able to sleep tight, just right!

The pad itself is machine washable and has such a slim profile that you forget it’s even there. There’s nothing bulky or weird about it and it doesn’t affect the comfort of your bed at all. It even makes a gentle hum, which eliminates the need for a sound machine at night. 

You can set the chiliPAD up in a couple minutes and it’s super intuitive to use. You just hit a couple buttons on the remote and voila — your bed stays at whatever temperature you want. 

I seriously love this thing. My husband is a big fan too. And with the holidays coming up, if you have a spouse, parent, or family member who’s a hot or cold sleeper, the chiliPAD is the perfect gift. Or you can always treat yourself — this is the time of year for a little indulgence, right?

Sleep Tight Just Right

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