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The Fin / 4.0

Dec 12

The Fin 4.0

When I sit down to work on The Fin it becomes a time to gather my thoughts and wrap up stuff from my week. Anyone else get so busy throughout the week that they don’t take the time to process it all? This week’s gift guide for health and wellness really hit home on things I want to foster with the new year. Check it out here if you haven’t gotten to yet!

It has been nonstop at the Cathell house lately! We finally have out Christmas decor up and are home from a trip to my favorite Christmas place. I’m taking the time home to get a few last minute gifts together, and am on track to actually have all of the shopping done before Christmas Eve. Unlike last year! Yikes! Please let that never happen again! Now, on to The Fin…


Ideas for things to do while the girls are on Christmas break.

Making my gluten free apple crisp, but with pears.

Planning how I am going to incorporate more health and wellness into my life in 2021.

Need to get everything for the liver detox I’ll be doing in January. I’d love for you to join me!


An all black Lady Dior handbag.

This infrared blanket I keep reading about.

A waffle knit hoodie that would be perfect under a blazer for a chic outfit!.

Actually, this whole outfit, sneakers included!

Harry & David Riviera pears.

Current Reads

Reading up on the benefits of a liver detox before mine starts in January.

This article on infrared blankets and getting glowing skin.