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The Fin / 5.0

The Fin / 5.0

This weekend on The Fin feels like we should all be getting a little gift! The house is decorated. The presents are wrapped. The stocking stuffers are bought (there might be some last minute shopping to do!). The last thing on my list is to plan out food for the next week. There are always last minute surprises, visitors and people in need of cookies. This year I’m hoping to pick up some goodies from this local gluten free bakery so we have plenty of extras! If you’re in the Atlanta area- you must try them out!

Can’t write too much more because I am off to my oldest’s birthday! We are decorating gingerbread houses and celebrating 8 years of my sweet Nola’s life! For ideas on birthday parties for kids head to one of this from the past: a magical Christmas birthday party, a girlie superhero birthday, and the sweetest garden tea birthday party.


Even with restrictions, there are loads of things to do around Atlanta to make this holiday memorable.

These would have been a lot less messy to decorate. Ha!

Would love to do this in the backyard and watch some classic Christmas movies.

My makeup has been saved! In 2020, it’s the little things…You’ll want to use this mask hack.


Next birthday party- this cake!

These gorgeous scissors would have at least made wrapping all the gifts that much better. They are so pretty!

Wish I had thought about Rifle Paper for gift wrapping! You can still shop these: here, this one is ah!, and lastly here.

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With 22,000 reviews at 4.5 stars- I might have to give in on this one.

May not need to think about what to cook for Christmas morning after reading this. Yum! Will just leave out the boozy part for the kids!

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