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The Fin / 6.0

The Fin / 6.0

Merry day after Christmas! While it feels like the weekend is already over, even though it is just now beginning with The Fin 6.0. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and were able to share in the joy of the season. I was thankful to spend the time with my family, and watch my girls participate in our family traditions. We ate so much good food and spent the time at the house. I am cleaning up today, and in a post Christmas food hangover. It is most definitely the best time to get ready for the liver detox I’ll be in this January. I am in need of a reset! I’ll drop the link here if any of you are interested in joining!

Today happens to be sweet Henley’s third birthday and I have a few special things planned for him. He takes such good care of the girls, we want to treat him well. Besides making him some special treats, I have found a few new outfits, leashes, and collars for him. Let the Henley love begin! He’s seriously the best boy and so very loved.


This was possibly the best Christmas gift I could ever give. I knew it would be liked, but didn’t expect it to go over SO well!

A close second- this has already been used so many times. And I wish it came in an adult size because it looks like so much fun.

I should make my pork tenderloin more often.

Need to gather all my gear for the detox I’m doing in January. First things first, up my water intake.


It’s not too late to get a few toys for Henley. They dog toys are adorable!

They always have the best affordable options for going out dresses. This year I’ll be popping champagne from the comfort of home, but still want to wear something festive.

Details on the sweater have my heart. The ruffle sleeve is perfect.

Can’t get this one out of my mind. And it’s 50% off. WHAT!?

Current Reads

About to start a new project at the house, and gathering ideas from this office makeover.

Now thinking about what I’d take to survive on an island. Probably not this list, but highly enjoyable to read through. Also just realized most of those products are 30% off right now.

Comparing this to my current line up. So many good recipes in one place.

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