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How To Keep Resolutions This Year

How To Keep Resolutions

Every year we make resolutions, and every year we wonder how to keep resolutions. I have big goals each year, and I have found it best to apply a few simple methods in order to reach them. I’m going to share the number one tip with you immediately- don’t give up. If you mess up, it isn’t a reason to not try again! I promise that being persistent and not giving up with get you further down the road than just about anything else!

While I have a few different goals for 2021, one of the main personal goals I have is focusing on wellness. I feel best when I am working out consistently and hitting my goals. It is easiest to gain success in this by setting yourself up with a plan and the right gear. The better I feel in my workout wear, the more confident I am in getting the job done. I really love this brand, and find that the leggings make everything look the best! Find a brand you love and pick up a few pieces that’ll make you want to get out there and tackle that resolution. Apply this same idea to the tools you’ll need to succeed. Whether that is a new yoga mat or some cool new weights. Having the right tools at your finger tips will make it easier and give you fewer reasons to not accomplish your goals.

Ready, Set, Goals

Another great piece of advice I’ve learned is understanding and setting goals. I like to think of big picture goals, and then work my way to smaller more attainable chunks. Having frequent wins will keep you motivated and wanting to reach that next goal. I’ve also found that rewards along the way are a fun incentive to push me that much more. Since my goal is related to fitness, I’ll pick a reward that relates like a new pair of tennis shoes. It’s easy to become discouraged if you try to do it all at once. Chunk off smaller goals from the big one, and soon you’ll get to where you want to be!

As important as it is to keep your focus on the goal, remember to listen to your body and don’t forget to recharge. I stay on top of my supplements (I share a bit more about that here) and always try to get a full nights rest in. Not always the easiest with three kids! You’ll be ready to go and accomplish your resolution.

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