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What To Take On Your Next Beach Vacation

What To Take On Your Next Beach Vacation

I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather and thought I’d put together a quick list of what to take on your next beach vacation. We are partial to the 30A area in Florida, but these would be great for any sunny spot! When traveling for the beach I like to include pieces that can mix and patch with a simple color palette. This makes picking out clothes so much easier! You’ll see that I’ve included everything from cover ups to jewelry, sandals and hats. I also found a few outfits I’d wear for a date night! That is definitely something to prepare for when headed on any vacation.

Beach Time

One of the most important things to think about for beach trips is that everything runs at a different time. We call this beach time! You might be able to get a reservation some places, but many are first come. I still like to know the lay of the land before heading on a trip so that I know what outfits to bring. Most of the time you’ll find me in the bathing suit on the beach but I always take the date night outfit. I also like to include a few dresses that are easy to change into after a long day at the beach.

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