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Designing Spaces: E-Design Living Room Transformation

Designing Spaces: E-Design Living Room Transformation

Last month I posted to Instagram that I’d be starting a new segment on the blog called Designing Spaces: E-Design. I asked my followers to send in images from a room in their home that they needed some help designing. From there, we took a poll from a selection of rooms. Other followers got to choose which room I’d give suggestions to. While a typical E-Design consultation involves a bit more customization, I thought this would be a fun way to inspire! I got together with the owner of the room and talked about the vision for the space, colors, items that needed to be included, etc.

Options On Options

I wanted to show you all how you can keep the same lay out but drastically transform a space by changing your options. A well designed layout gives you freedom to change things up, while keeping good flow throughout the space. One note, when adding in a color balance it out with the “removal” of another. By this I mean change it up for a neutral! The easiest example of this is seen in the couches and side chairs. Too much blue would be overpowering, while all neutral can fall flat and be a bit lack luster.

Time To E-Design

There was a lot of space to fill in the room and I knew I needed to create multiple vignettes for conversations and seating. Since the baby grand piano needed to stay, I wanted to highlight it from any entrance of the room while also not letting it get in the way of traffic. I pulled furniture for the room that is meant as inspiration, and many of the pieces would need to be custom made to fit the room properly.

Texture plays a key part in this room. From the ground up, you’ll find sleek wood finishes, hammered metal, stone, luscious velvets and smooth leather. I’m a huge fan of burled wood and loved these modern lines with such a classic finish. If you wanted to go the route of the blue couches, I’d suggest going with a more neutral side chair. Everything is about balance when designing spaces. Don’t be afraid to mix styles, colors and textures. If you find yourself in need of a full consult, send me an email! I’m here to help! Don’t forget to submit your rooms for our next round. We are looking for master bedrooms this time around so email them on over!


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