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E-Design Master Bedroom Update

E-Design Master Bedroom Update

It’s time for room two from the designing spaces series here on the blog! Because bedrooms are by far my favorite room to decorate you can imagine how excited I was to do this e-design master bedroom update. The room had a few pieces that were great and needed to stay so I worked around them. One piece in particular is a beautiful side board the home owner picked up from Scott Antique Market here in Atlanta.

As before, I’ve put together two looks! I want you all to see how you can completely change a room by switching out a few accent pieces and painting a piece of furniture. The bed, linens, curtains, sconces and chaise lounges are the same in each room. You can paint the chest of drawers on either side of the bed to your new room color scheme. You would need to swap artwork, pillows and lamps to switch out for a major difference!

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These are the staples of the room.

Here are the items that are easiest to change out.

A Few Points For A Large Space

This room is massive and has a lot of space to fill! One of the best ways to make a large room feel more intimate is to have a properly sized rug. If you place a rug that is too small, it’ll swim in the room and nothing will feel grounded. Find a rug that creates a room space within your actual room.

Also, I have been interested in getting some of these bulbs for areas that have difficult to reach power sources. Lighting plays a key role in any room, and particularly in a room of this size. Use lighting to create smaller more intimate settings and control the mood of the room.

When approaching a room this size, you’ll also want to think about the scale of pieces. If you cannot find items large enough, go for things that come in a group like these brass boxes or these decorative shell boxes. Also find artwork that appropriately fits the space. Did you know that you can contact your local art galleries and ask to pick up artwork on reserve? Art is meant to be “lived with” and often galleries will allow you to take a piece home to see if it works in your space. Most often they’ll charge a small fee that will be included in the final price.

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  1. 4.8.21
    Marcia Randolph said:

    Hi Jess, could you please share source for the pillow with the blue flower on center, from your 3/3/21 e-design master bedroom post? Much appreciated!