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Organize Your Spice Cabinet

Organize Your Spice Cabinet

Have you ever seen those videos about something being oddly satisfying? I love them. For me, I usually watch the videos about organizing around the house or efficient ways to fold clothes. You can see how I keep my closet organized here. I still haven’t figured out the fitted sheet fold, but I did manage to do one project that I know you’ll love to do as well! Say hello to my newly organized spice cabinet. Keep reading to find out how you can organize your spice cabinet as well.

I love for things to be uniform when I organize, so these labeled spice jars were the perfect find. They came with a small funnel which made them relatively easy to fill. My number one tip would be to organize the loose leaf spices (like basil, oregano, or thyme) first, then move on to the powders (turmeric or cinnamon). Once you get to the powders go in order of color from light to dark. This will help in case there is any staining residue. For example, start with cream of tartar end with cinnamon. Another tip, let turmeric be the very last one you do. I wish I had worn gloves while handling that one! I ended up with very yellow hands and a temporarily stained countertop.

The final result speaks for itself. It all looks so good and has been extremely easy to upkeep. It’s also made cooking that much simpler. I know exactly where things are, and reach right for now. Use these tips and organize your spice cabinet, too! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Pro-Tips For Organizing Your Spice Cabinet

  1. Cut the funnel tip to create a larger opening. This helped to get the spices in easier.
  2. Decide where you want your spice label, and make them all in that exact space. It was easiest for me to put them all at the bottom so they were visible in my spice cabinet.
  3. Start with loose leaf spices. Think basil, oregano and thyme.
  4. When you move on to powders, let the lightest ones be first (cream of tartar) and turmeric be last.
  5. Turmeric was the only one that gave my trouble so learn from my struggles with it! Wear gloves if you have them, and put down some parchment if you have a white countertop. It will temporarily stain otherwise!

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