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How To Change Out Your Seasonal Closet

Mar 24

How To Change Out Your Seasonal Closet

Today’s post was not what I had originally planned, but yesterday I found myself standing in the middle of piles of clothes. In the midst of house projects, the backyard project and life in general I thought – why not switch out my wardrobe? Like most things in life, it just needed to get done no matter how busy I was elsewhere. It’s a big project, but over the years I have streamlined the process and I wanted to share my tips on how to change out your seasonal closet as well! I’m all about efficiency and for things to just make sense. So let’s start at the beginning!

First, take everything out of your closet. Everything. I know it creates a huge mess, but trust me. There is something so rewarding about seeing a completely empty closet so when it comes time to hang everything back up mentally you want it to look decluttered and organized. This makes me less likely to hang on to that top that I know I won’t wear. I go through my clothes one by one, and figure out what I have worn this season. I ask myself a few questions when I’m evaluating a piece. Am I keeping it just because it’s nice even thoughI never wear it? Am I keeping it for the sake of sentiment? Is it damaged in any way? Does it fit? These questions usually leave me with my favorite pieces.

Out With The Old, In With The New…Season!

Once I’ve sorted through my closet, I bring in my seasonal clothes from previous years. Since it’s getting warmer here I have pulled out shorts, lighter dresses and blouses. I repeat the same process. I used to hold on to clothes because I thought maybe one day they’ll fit, or perhaps this will look better on another day. When I finally learned to stop doing that, I found that I really loved the clothes I wore and it was easier to get ready.

Now that you’ve successfully swapped seasons, head to this post on organization. I’ve included a few tips below from that post to help you with organization as well. Don’t forget to take your gently used pieces to a local shelter or benefit shop. There are a few here in Atlanta that I love! As always, send me a picture or let me know how this worked out for you!




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