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Chic Cover Ups That You’ll Love

Mar 26

Chic Cover Ups That You’ll Love

Can you tell the beach has been on my mind? Earlier this week I dropped a post with the very best swimwear of the season – you can read it here. Today I am sharing all the chic cover ups that you’ll love! Since the beach is like a second home to me, I am happiest when I’m in the sunshine, frosé in hand. Trying to think of something better…yeah, nope! Because I spend so much time at the beach, I thought I’d share current cover cups that I have or am looking at to purchase.

Three Main Types Of Cover Ups

There are three “types” of coverups. First, the sarong. They’re usually a large square material and worn tied around your hips. These look best with bodysuit swimwear like this one I just purchased. Depending on the shape, you can even get away with using them as a shoulder wrap around a sleeveless dress for cooler night time breezes. Personally, sarongs are my go to for the pool.

Second, the tunic. Tunics are typically shorter and can range from simple to ruffles. I look for tunics that I can pair with white denim for a dinner out thought that isn’t tough since I am tall. Seeing my pattern? I prefer to find cover ups with multiple functions. Also, tunics are perfect for the beach as you can walk into the water without having to worry about getting your coverup wet.

Third, the long kaftan style. Again, wear this one out on date night so it stays sunscreen and sand free then throw it on as you hit the beach the next day! Even though this style is just a longer version, I instantly feel more put together when I wear them. Remember – make sure it is lined or thick enough to wear for dinner!


Lastly, pair it all with some great accessories. I’m linking a few f my favorite sandals, wedges, bags and hats to take along as well. Again, find things that are multipurpose if you are trying to keep your luggage light. While espadrilles looks great to the pool, they can also be worn with denim or your favorite sun dress.

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