Refresh Your Coffee Table: Books For The Style Lover

Refresh Your Coffee Table: Books For The Style Lover

A while back I did a post on styling your coffee table, but I was looking at mine and noticed I had picked up a few books that I had to share with you all! The same rules apply to styling, but there are a few books you’ll want to pick up to refresh your coffee table. This showstopper has become my favorite box to open up and look through. My other latest favorite has been this gorgeous book by Melanie Turner. Coffee table books are frequently picked up by company, so it is important to curate an interesting selection that also reflects who you are. This makes conversation about the places, people or things that much more interesting.

Another great tip when selecting your next coffee table books is to think about color. Ask yourself, will their color coordinate in my current room? I prefer to remove the dust covers from my books. Many times you’ll find gorgeous colors that are great to display around the room. Once you update your coffee table, send me a picture of it! I always love to see how you use these tips and curate your own individual look.

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  1. 4.20.21
    Lu said:

    What kind of stone is in the first picture?

    • 4.30.21
      Jess C. said:

      Hi Lu! I believe it’s a smokey quartz. You can find more like it be searching for a quartz table accent!