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The Fluffiest Dutch Baby Pancake

Apr 26

The Fluffiest Dutch Baby Pancake

It is time to pull out your well seasoned cast iron skillet! You have to try this recipe for the fluffiest dutch baby pancake! It’s as simple as that. I had been wanting to make some, and decided to try my hand out. They have been a huge success at our house, with Henley being the number one fan! He sits and waits for his turn to eat some, about like he loves these treat biscuits. My girls love them with strawberries on top, but you can experiment with all sorts of toppings. Seeing how much they love this recipe, I’ll next be trying out this gluten free version since I can’t have gluten.

My number one tip for making these: do not open your oven while baking! It’s tempting to want to check it, but if you open it too soon the pancake could fall. It’ll still taste just as delicious, but it won’t be as tall and fluffy. You’ll be able to see when it’s done as the edges brown and rise high. I think this is best served fresh and hot. While we top it with strawberries and powdered sugar, you could really use any fruit. I’ve seen options with other fruit and even making a savory version.

These dutch baby pancakes have become a new favorite in our house, and I love that I can use my grandmother’s sifter to sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Look for ways to bring the past to the present, and tell your kids about family! Above all, enjoy make these and send me pictures when you try it out! I love hearing from you all!