How To Style A Rainbow Bookshelf

How To Style A Rainbow Bookshelf

Tired of looking at boring bookshelves? So was I! Last year I shared this glimpse into my home office, but lately I felt like something was missing. I love being in that space and feel equally energized and relaxed while working in there. Since Atlanta Home Mag was coming over to shoot the space, I decided to spruce up the bookshelves a bit. Here is a whole guide on how to style a rainbow bookshelf so you can do it, too!

The first step was removing everything from the shelves, and sorting them into colors. I knew I wanted to put them back together sorted by color groups. The whole room was covered in piles of color coordinated books and was a total mess for a few hours! Trust the process though. Once you have them sorted, you’ll want to figure out where you want colors to hit. Because I have these bright orange chairs, I knew I wanted blues to be close by to compliment the orange. I also decided to hang a few Gray Malin prints on the opposite shelves so I decided to keep color to a minimum on that side. By choosing black and white books, I was able to make the photographs pop! Even the painting stands out a bit more. Now that you’ve decided on where to put the colors, you’ll also want to think about adding in some accessories. I looked around the house for items that needed a new home, and found that to be another great way to make the space feel new.

As with any project, think about symmetry, scale and balance. There were a few shelves I had to move colors around, and that had to do with making sure things were well balanced. Once all the books were back up, I added in those found items and transformed the once boring bookshelves into vibrant little spaces! As always, send pictures if you do this at your own home! I love to hear from you all.

Jess Cathell

Jess Cathell is an Atlanta based lifestyle and interior creator, designer, and tastemaker. With years of experience in home decor and a portfolio ranging from farm house to the beach, Jess is known for creating balanced spaces with notes of the unexpected. Inspired by the fusion of traditional elements with bold contemporary design, she has developed a clear transitional style. Her most recent work can be found in the Atlanta Magazine as a tribute to the modern home work space. She has collaborated with brands such as Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and is continually looking to connect with local and sustainable sources.

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  1. 12.19.21
    Ashley Frey said:

    What color is your paint?
    Thank you!

    • 12.24.21
      Jess C. said:

      Oh thank you!! My wall color is White Dove throughout the house!

  2. 2.25.22
    Allison said:

    Did I miss who the portraits are by? So many great tips!

    • 2.25.22

      They are by Charles Cashwell, I love his charcoal sketches.