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Selecting The Best Luxe Handbag For Your Lifestyle

Selecting The Best Luxe Handbag For Your Lifestyle

Selecting the best luxe handbag for your lifestyle is dependent on a few factors! I was recently having a conversation with someone on Instagram about the type of luxury handbag they were going to invest in. When you’re making that type of investment, I think it’s really important to consider a few factors! Below you’ll see a few graphics that’ll help to define a few of those topics, but let’s get into them in a bit more detail.

The Material

First let’s talk about the material. I’ve created a graphic that’ll help point you in the right direction (see it below). Of course you’ll want to love the look of the material, but it’s also important to think about how it’ll wear with your lifestyle. If you tend to be a bit more hard on your handbags, I’d suggest caviar leather and possibly some mixed fiber materials. Something that is easy to clean and hides imperfections well. That’s why I love these two options. While I adore lambskin or calfskin leather, it does require a bit more care.

The Size

The next thing to consider is the size you’ll need. What do you have to have in your handbag? If you’re a minimalist and prefer to keep your phone, currency and possibly a lip gloss in your handbag a crossbody might be your best option. Otherwise, if you take all the things with you, go for a larger shoulder bag or tote. If you are heading into a store to purchase, I’d suggest talking to someone at the store about this. You never want to overfill a handbag!

The Occasion

Once you’ve got those down, it’s time to think about occasion. What purpose will this handbag serve? Making sure it is practical for your everyday is just as important as finding the best clutch for an evening out. Since this is an investment, you’ll want to find exactly what fits your lifestyle.

The Longevity

Lastly, let’s consider your handbags longevity. Decide whether you’ll be investing in something that is trendy or classic. If this is your first luxury handbag, it’s probably best to go with something that has good longevity and is classic. Above all, go with what you love! Don’t let that idea of classic pieces deter you from what you really want. Now that you’re set to purchase your handbag, don’t forget to message me once you find it and let me know how it goes. I love to hear from you all- and I really love a good handbag!

Decisions, Decisions

Like you, I have a list of handbags that I’m interested in! In case you were curious what is on my current “Love List” I’m including those down below. I’d love for you to help me pick one! Which handbag would you choose, either from this list or is there another one you think I should see? Comment on this post, or reach out through Instagram! I would love to see what you’ve found.

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