What To Wear: Summer Wedding Edition

What To Wear: Summer Wedding Edition

You’ve been invited to a wedding and the invitation says “cocktail attire“. What exactly does that mean? Enter this “What To Wear: Summer Wedding Edition” guide. I’m walking you through eight possible dress codes to help you figure out what to wear to all the weddings coming up this summer. Yes, I said eight! Believe it or not, there are a few I left off the list. These eight should have you pretty well covered though, and if you have any questions you can always reach out. I’ve included everything from shoes to jewelry and even handbags for most. Check out this post on purchasing a luxe bag if you’re looking to get one for wedding season!

One of the best pieces of advice is to find out what the wedding party will be wearing. It is usually a good gauge for how formal (or informal) the wedding will be. Since the bride is busy planning, I go directly to the wedding party. Occasionally you will find that the wedding party attire and invitation dress code do not match. My rule of thumb is it’s better to be well dressed than under dressed. Do with that as you will, but definitely pull out your best! Weddings are a celebration, so keep it playful no matter the dress code. Follow the graphics below for a quick guide to each dress code attire and have fun at the wedding!

Wedding Attire Dress Code

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  1. 2.11.22
    Patricia Zuercher said:

    Hello! And help! I’m attending a wedding at the end of May in Glasgow, Scotland. Small wedding (approximately 50 guests) at a restaurant. Wedding is at 2 but party will go into the wee hours. Bride is a casual gal, and I don’t know what the bridesmaids (if any) are wearing. The groom and his family will wear traditional kilts. Thanks for the assist. Love your style!

    • 2.14.22
      Jess C. said:

      Hi there! I’d love to help! I’m putting together a blog post with readers requests, and Ill do my best to get this in. Thanks so much for the kind words!!