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Creating An Outdoor Getaway Oasis

Jun 9

Creating An Outdoor Getaway Oasis

Create an outdoor getaway oasis in a few simple steps. We purchased a rental property in Alys Beach, FL and one of the main selling points was the fantastic outdoor space. Immediately we knew that we would spend a lot of nights gathered around the fire pit after grilling out. One of the things I love the most about the space is the furniture we have up there. It sits in the sun all day and the teak wood has taken on the most gorgeous patina. The furniture is well made and has been able to stand up to the summer sun.

Since our home is in Alys Beach, we were limited to the colors that we could use. The area has a select color palette that keeps everything cohesive. I would suggest making your outdoor space an extension of your home’s style even if your neighborhood doesn’t have restrictions. Any easy way to do this is through color and furniture style. Whether you prefer a neutral modern feel or a classic ocean feel, keep it close to the character of your home. Not only will this make the indoor outdoor spaces more cohesive, but they’ll also feel larger. The outdoor space becomes an extension of your living areas. Find a list of what I’m planting in my garden here to complete the whole process. Get my exact outdoor furniture in Alys Beach here for the chairs, dining set, and lounge pieces with tables. I can’t recommend them enough and get to creating an outdoor getaway oasis on your patio!

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