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DIY Starfish Wall Art For Your Beach House

Jul 10

DIY Starfish Wall Art For Your Beach House

I created this wall in our beach house last year and wanted to finally share a quick guide with you all! This DIY Starfish Wall Art For Your Beach House is so simple and fun to put together. The walls in that spot are particularly tall and I wanted to cover the space without having to invest in a massive piece of artwork. Since the home is located in Alys Beach off of 30a, I knew it would be best to keep with the beach theme. I’ve always loved starfish, and all that they represent. They are regenerative, and come back after damaged by the ocean. Such a cool reminder to see when looking at the wall!

To get started on this project you will need to get various sizes of starfish. I chose two main different starfish and intermixed them. You’ll also need a heavy duty clear mounting tape. Make sure it is mounting tape, as these are typically a little thinker than plain tape. Once you have your supplies, it’s time to get hanging! You can see a full reel of it on my Instagram here. We started by hanging the core pieces that created an anchor for the rest to float around. I really loved the angular feel of it all. For larger starfish, make sure you are using enough tape to secure them firmly to the wall. Occasionally step back to ensure you are creating just enough balance and making use of the negative space. It’s that easy to create, and you will have a complete piece of art work that barely cost anything!

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