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Readers Response: Home Decor Requests

Readers Response: Home Decor Requests

Each week I take requests from you all and turn them into outfits. This put me onto the idea of doing a “Readers Response: Home Decor Requests” to find items you are searching for and share some of the knowledge I have on decor and design. Without fully knowing the spaces and seeing images, I’m selecting items I would love to have. This way you can get a sense of my style, and find easy ways to incorporate it into your own. There are a lot of hidden treats in this blog post. Treats…can you tell Henley is helping? I’m sure he is hinting at something!

Make sure to read the words on each graphic as a few will lead you to other blog posts. The one you won’t want to miss: 8/10. It takes you to the best find I’ve made in a while! Hint: I previously killed so many fiddle leaf figs it was getting to be embarrassing. Now, I don’t have to water mine. Want all the links now? I understand! Here are the top ones to check out after you’ve seen this post: what to consider when purchasing a bar or counter stool, how to style a rainbow bookshelf, and my personal favorite on the best faux fiddle leaf fig trees!

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  1. 12.16.22
    izhan said:

    Great idea for home decor, can you tell me what kind of doormat you use?

    • 1.6.23

      Right now I’m using one from Target that is extra wide to accommodate my door, but in the spring I will be ordering a fresh one from Frontage.

  2. 4.2.23
    SAPTO said:

    Beautifull furniture, it’s great