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Readers Response: Items Under $200

Readers Response: Items Under $200

Readers Response: Items Under $200 is here! You all submitted so many requests for different events, and I am trying to work through those by way of the blog. I wanted to challenge myself a bit and make it more stoppable for you all. This time around I am keeping all individual items to under $200 and many are well under that price range even! You’ll find outfits for anything from work to being a mom to going on vacation. If you want to shop more of these readers responses posts you can find them here, here and here.

Last week I also put together a home post where I rounded up items you all were in search for around your house. If you’re interested in checking that out, you’ll be able to view it here. You can always shop more of these collages on my page by heading here. I update that everyday, so there is always something new to see! As always, send me a message if you end up picking up any of these items. I love to hear from you all and see how you pull from these outfits and make them your own.

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  1. 1.15.23
    Tracy Everett said:

    Love your blog!! Your style is so inspirational. I would love some help with “Mother of the Graduate” dresses for my sons upcoming high-school graduation in June. Not sure if you’ve ever done a graduation dress blog topic. Would be so helpful!! Thanks for the consideration!