Week In Review: 06

Week In Review: 06

Week In Review: 06 is packed full of autumn fashion to get you ready for the upcoming season. Each week I focus on creating outfits from a few specific categories- denim, skirts, dresses and pants. Then you can see the outfits come to life. Because I use each of those staple pieces you will learn to build on to your wardrobe with different tops, blouses, and jackets. Once you have a good base it makes creating the rest of your wardrobe much easier.

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Sunday 09.12.21

Stop to check out the flowers, and the outfits worn in this look by clicking on the flowers above.

Monday 09.13.21

London is calling! Get your wardrobe ready by tapping a tulip.

Tuesday 09.14.21

Click the sink and see the look inspired by this stunning kitchen.

Wednesday 09.15.21

Pull up a chair and click on the chandelier to be transported to the look inspired by this room.

Thursday 09.16.21

Arrive in style by clicking the castle to find an outfit inspired by Highcler.

Friday 09.17.21

Pajamas and silk slippers? Yes please! Find them by click any pillow above.

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  1. 9.18.21
    Gaby said:

    I so look forward to your posts and would wear every single outfit you’ve curated. Could you suggest what to wear to stroll through an open air Saturday market?