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Family Portrait Ideas For Fall

Family Portrait Ideas For Fall

Family Portrait Ideas For Fall is a look into my past as a portrait photographer to help you! I was a photographer for 14 years and while my main focus was mostly newborns I have had a ton of experience with family sessions as well. The number one tip I can give you moms, get your outfit first and make it something you feel comfortable in. I always told moms to highlight their best asset. If you’ve got great legs, show them! Though first and foremost make it something you feel confident in.

Below I’ve pulled a bunch of kids clothes as well. I think outfits should coordinate together. Occasionally I’ll do matching outfits for my girls because I love seeing them all together like that. I know it won’t last long! For most family pictures though, I really am a firm believer that you should layer, add textures, and coordinate colors.

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