Week In Review: 09 - J. Cathell

Week In Review: 09

Week In Review: 09

Week In Review: 09 is packed full of fall fashion, workout wear, and even includes a gifting guide for the guys. Each day I focus on creating outfits from a few specific categories- denim, skirts, dresses and pants. Then you can see the outfits come to life. Because I use each of those staple pieces you will learn to build on to your wardrobe with different tops, blouses, and jackets. Once you have a good base it makes creating the rest of your wardrobe much easier. 

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Click to walk through the door and see the outfit inspired by this space.
Tap my phone to open it and see the details behind this outfit.
Step into something cozy to curl up in this spot and read. Tap the flowers to get the look.
The perfect wedding look for this gorgeous wedding venue! Just click the boat to get whisked away to the inspo outfit.
Get your laundry room ready by clicking on the image above.
Take a seat and check out the outfit inspired by this beautiful dining space.

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