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Transitional Living Room Style

Mar 12

Transitional Living Room Style

I had so much fun pulling the details of this transitional living room into place. Some pieces were recovered, I bought some new and had some made. I have several pieces that are sentimental in this room and that makes a room truly special to me. My parents handed down their piano to me, the chest in the corner sat outside of my parents room growing up and the maps represent all of the countries I’ve been to. My family friend and designer, Page Morocco, helped me pull the pillows, window treatments and chair fabrics into place last minute. Anytime you want to pull your house together, just throw a party!! I had a pre-school parent party at my house and I was stressing about getting it all done and she saved the day!

Design Concept:

I knew from the very beginning that I needed to have a custom L-shaped sofa made for the corner of the room. It was just screaming for one!! It was an awkward space that needed to be filled and used, so a sofa made perfect sense to me. I love having furniture made so that it’s the accurate height and length, especially when you are designing with wood mouldings on the wall. After that it was playing with the balance of materials, antiques vs. new, colors, etc. It’s pretty normal for paintings to migrate around my house and live in a few different rooms before it’s found it’s final spot. The painting above the couch started off in my dining room, then on a different wall in the living room, then finally above the couch. After we hung the maps on either side, it really weighted the space and made it feel complete.

Favorite Pieces:

One of my absolute favorite pieces are my geode lamps. Years ago I saw a single geode lamp in a store and it was love at first sight. I knew I had to have a pair for my dining room at the time. I searched for months looking for a sizable matching pair and then one day I found it! I had them shipped directly to my lamp store and had them made. They each weigh about 75 pounds and this is the 3rd house they have lived in. I will never part with these lamps; I love them dearly. Lighting to me is the jewelry of the house, it’s always one of my favorite things to pick out.


I started a new tradition years ago when I really started collecting art. Every time I travel outside of the country, I look for a piece of art to bring home as a travel memory. Some of my maps were found while I was in Europe, and the others from my favorite antique map dealer.  My favorite little painting is in the corner of the little girls playing. I was in Ireland a couple years ago and I stumbled upon the cutest little gallery and immediately fell in love. It made me think of my girls playing  at the farm.

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