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How to Style Your House Plants with Moss

Mar 24

How to Style Your House Plants with Moss

My faux fig tree has been sitting in an empty pot for about a year. I decided it was finally time to style it with some live moss. I purchased my box of moss for about $35 at my local wholesale flower market. If you don’t have access to a wholesale market, get your local florist to grab you a box. I’ve also been on hikes before where I’ve seen luscious patches of moss, so you can also gather it fresh if you see it! This could be an excellent treasure hunt activity during quarantine 😉 This can be done on any house plant, real or fake. This is especially pretty with a bedside fern or a potted hydrangea on your counter. Here are the steps on how to style your moss:

  • Elevate your tree in the pot – You can do this by setting it on a box/ small crate, etc.
  • Fill the gaping sides of the pot between the tree and the edge of the pot. I used wadded up tissue paper and then a plastic trash bag on top.
  • Take one piece of moss at a time and lay it on top. Slowly take one piece at a time and piece it altogether.
  • Mist the moss x2 a week with filtered water. Why filtered water?? Tap water can contain too much chlorine and turn your moss brown. For best results soak your moss in filtered water before hand to make it nice and moist.

I purchased my faux tree from Mrs. Howard’s in Atlanta, but this tree and this tree are the nicest I’ve seen online.