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What To Pack For An Extended Trip

May 15

What To Pack For An Extended Trip

When you think of traveling and what to pack for an extended trip I immediately think of versatility. A few weeks ago I created a packing list for a trip to Italy taking summers most versatile shoe, but I started thinking about what I’d need for an extended trip. Make sure that everything is interchangeable by keeping it simple. Going with a neutral color palette is always the best way to go. By keeping it classic and simple you’ll have the maximum amount of ease in mixing things up. Pick one extravagant item that is fun but keep the rest with clean lines like this dress or easy layered tanks like this.

Take these twenty items on your next trip and you’ll be set for at least ten days of wear. You’ll have everything from casual poolside wear, to a nice night out with cocktails and fine dining. Always make sure to take a walking shoe, include a wallet that can be worn as a crossbody, and never leave without a good pair of sunglasses! I think this ultra affordable option it wonderful for travel as well since you won’t mind if they got lost. Another good piece of advice I was given about travel was to never take your expensive jewelry. Pick up a few fun earrings like these (these are great too!) , or even a statement bracelet like this. Now get out there and look your best n your next trip!

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