The Best Ski Looks for Your Winter Getaway - J. Cathell

The Best Ski Looks for Your Winter Getaway

The Best Ski Looks for Your Winter Getaway

My DM’s are full of requests for cute ski gear for winter skiing trips! As you know, we are leaving in a few weeks with my family to Telluride and I can’t wait. I’m shopping for all new gear so we can all look fabulous in the best ski looks for your winter getaway!

I remember one of my first ski trips in the 90s and all the ski gear was black. It was so boring! I’m so glad fashion has met practicality and ski wear is finally chic and fun and colorful. What is your style while you ski? I have always preferred a beautiful color block so I can be easily found by my friends and family I’m traveling with. Skiing also entails a lot of dressing and undressing the outer layer when you need to come inside for a break, so I’ve found items that are easy to remove so you aren’t spending your time fighting with your accessories!

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  1. 1.11.23
    Keri J Miller said:

    I usually love your blog. But I have to admit, as a Colorado native, your “ski” outfit post is over the top and elitist. No one who has an alpine sports lifestyle buys or wears the pretentious, overpriced items linked in your post. This is a fantasy wardrobe with a stage-like performance mindset of outfit changes, appearances and the like.
    Get real. Invest in outdoor gear that performs and is potentially life-saving: keeps the wearer dry, breathes under active conditions, is affordable and a good investment (ROI=how many times can I use the item vs. my investment = actual outdoor gear brands).
    Please don’t confuse actual potentially lifesaving attire for participation in a sport in a challenging environment with looking “cute” while you are sipping hot chocolate and hot toddies at the midway lodge and apres ski. It’s elitist. It’s inappropriate given the conditions that winter sports expose participants to. It shouldn’t be included in a fashion post. That’s my $.02 as a born and bred Coloradan. We live for snow; we invest lots of $$ in high performance gear that will stand up to the torture of CO slope side winters and we couldn’t care less what label you are wearing, especially if you are carving or shredding the mountain like a beast. NewsFlash: You can’t buy ski credibility in CO. The fashion houses hope they can continue to make you believe otherwise. If you wear any of these linked items you are an imposter. This post is a huge disappointment.

    • 1.12.23
      Megan said:

      😂 You can find me looking cute and sipping hot chocolate by the fire in Steamboat this March! If that makes me an “elitist” well butter
      my ass and call me toast.

      • 1.12.23
        JDW said:


      • 1.12.23
        Melissa said:

        I’ll be in Canada looking cute sipping my champagne 🥂 in my cute outfits next week! For those individuals who are there for the whole experience, looking cute and being warm is part of that!

        • 1.12.23
          Alina said:

          Here here to looking cute, I’ll be joining you. Lol ,😁💕

    • 1.12.23
      Nancy Arencibia said:

      Are we in the navy, army, or coast guard? Where we need to wear lifesaving equipment? Wrong blog dear. This blog is about fashion, looking cute. My grandma taught me if you have nothing nice to say then shut your trap!!! Obviously you have no respect for Jcathell who puts countless hours into this blog for you to come and pass judgement on her. Go buy you lifesaving protective gear, have a snack and a nap.

    • 1.12.23
      Katie said:

      Well Keri is looks like you have the makings for your very own blogpost, miss thing. I suggest you channel that energy of yours into a community that actually values what you have to say instead of trolling other people’s work in the HOPES that it will build yourself esteem. NEWS FLASH: jealousy isn’t a good color on you Dear, and it’s certainly not welcome here. Love and Light 😊✌🏽

      • 1.12.23
        Keri said:

        I owe JCathell and all the commenters an apology. I was wrong and my opinion and words small-minded.
        You all are correct – what I posted was very mean and not warranted. The outfits shown are beautiful and the post is very well done. Shame on me for acting like a troll. I hope JCathell and followers can accept my sincere apology. It will not happen again.

    • 1.12.23
      A.A said:

      Looks like she has some of that Colorado snow up her @**. This blog obviously isn’t your style. Move along…

    • 1.12.23
      Rachelle Wade said:

      Gracious Dear, what a delightful gal! We all see you think that your far too important for us because you know how to snow ski..hard?? I believe you’ll find your people on a different blog. Love your hair – hope you win!

    • 1.12.23
      Lesley said:

      Eat a snickers Keri

    • 1.12.23
      Hot Snowbunny Mom said:

      It’s too bad you felt the need to express such a salty comment about this post. You’re just coming across like a grouchy old grandma. The whole point of why I LOVE this blog is because it is a fantasy that you can have access to if you wanted. Did you ever think that maybe this is for the moms that are not great at skiing and want to be snow bunnies walking around looking amazing for an hour sipping an Irish coffee in peace while their kids are skiing. If anything you’re the elitist for that finger wagging, judgey comment. Also this might be hard for you but you can hit the unfollow button. Here’s some advice on this from another fellow blogger. Toodles!

    • 1.12.23
      Gina Ryan said:

      This is quite frankly the most ignorant comment I have ever seen. It seems you are coming from a place of needing tactical gear whilst skiing backcountry or jumping out of a helicopter. Like they are going to be risking their lives skiing🙄. Who cares if the clothes are “impractical” if someone wants to wear them their choice. No offense but you are the one coming off elitist at this point.

    • 1.12.23
      Callie said:

      Ummmmm I also live in Colorado and you are only speaking for yourself! I would love any of these looks – why do you have to be so extra about this?

    • 1.12.23
      Damarys Velarde said:

      Lol…get a grip. This is a fashion post. I don’t think it’s meant to be for ski rescuers on the slopes… hahaha.

    • 1.12.23
      Lisa Novak said:

      Wow, Keri! I have friends that live in Aspen and a ton of friends and family with homes in Colorado, as well. Maybe you and your friends aren’t “elitists” or whatever bullshit you want to label people. But, Why do you actually care so much? Like ,wear your gear and move along… And the “elitists” will wear whatever the hell they want, too! You can also just scroll past. 🙄

    • 1.12.23
      Ak said:

      Imposter here! And an experienced skier who enjoys looking cute and skiing- and sipping hot toddy’s in the lounge. Keep posting all the cute outfits! Keri must be short for something else 🤣

  2. 1.12.23
    Emily said:

    Hi Keri!

    To defend the credibility of these (legitimate) ski brands and this post, I can personally attest that look number 5 kept me warm and dry on a 10 degree day with wind and whiteout conditions in your lovely home state between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I actually sweat, but my base layer and mid layer you see pictured did their job wicking the moisture away from my body so I stayed warm and dry.

    Just wanted to point out that we can have performance AND fashion; we’re not limited to either/or anymore. Was it a splurge? Yes. Will I wear it for awhile (ROI, you mention)? Yes. Did I feel good? Absolutely! If you are more comfortable in traditional brands, power to you; they are great and certainly live up to their reputation. But, it’s ok to combine fashion and function and no one is worse for it.

  3. 1.12.23
    Keri said:

    I owe JCathell and all the followers and commenters here an apology. I was wrong and my opinion and words small-minded. Everyone here is correct – what I posted was very mean, judgemental and not warranted.
    The outfits shown are beautiful and this post, as are all those here, very well researched and fun to read.
    Shame on me for acting like a troll. I hope JCathell and followers can accept my sincere apology for my terrible behavior. It will not happen again.

  4. 1.13.23
    Susan said:

    I hope your apology is genuine and not sarcasm. My $.02 is that she is all about FASHION DARLING. If you follow her posts then that is what you are looking for. If you want safety gear , Follow Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  5. 2.23.23
    ahsan said:

    love this post