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Effortless Travel Style: The What and How to Packing

Apr 3

With around fifteen core pieces and a collection of accessories, I’ve created 25+ outfit combinations for the next time you jet off for a getaway. It doesn’t have to be monochromatic to be wearable, I’ve included pops of orange and other colors through bottoms and accessories, such as head wraps. These vacation looks take you from day to night for effortless travel style. Below I will break down the what and how to packing for success. All items are at the bottom of the page.

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The gauzy pants are perfect for the heat. They’re a crinkle texture, so they won’t show wrinkles like a linen. One of the biggest linen woes is it requires a steamer and no sitting down, but these drawstring pants are 100% cotton. They naturally looked more lived in and pair perfectly with swimwear or a tee.

Lightweight & Packable Hats

This line of hats is made of a special material that packs in a suitcase effortlessly. No more wearing your hat on the plane, pack a few!

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Packing for effortless travel doesn’t mean you have to give up that gorgeous hat moment. I consider accessories to be critical for making a look. You can’t just wear it, you have to style it. Not only that, hats are good sun protection, and I know we all love that. Lightweight hats are my best friend. I own a few packable options that have gone with me to Costa Rica and the Amalfi Coast.

Similarly to the pants featured above, these are the short version. Both are easy to pack, taking up minimal space. Head wraps change the game. They add an unexpected flair to a look and allow you to go longer without washing your hair. I’m the queen of neutrals, but this is an opportunity to add a fun print. This printed head wrap is from Zara and at a fab price point to test out this style. Keep scrolling for a scarf with a pop.

Elevated Swimwear

Invest in elevated swimwear that can also be worn as a bodysuit. Dress up for a win-win.

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Throughout these outfit combinations, swimwear is featured both for the pool and for dinner. I suggest finding swimwear that you feel confident in to be worn as a bodysuit to dinner the night before your day in the water. Elevate them with a gorgeous printed skirt or pant.

Statement Beaded Bag

How fabulous is this bag? It’ll lay flat in your bag, a must-pack to liven up your look.

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For travel, you need your day bag, night bag, and beach bag. I’ve included a few unique bags, as well as, my go-to totes. The v-neck popover shirt is the same material as the matching pants and shorts in these outfit combinations. The 100% gauzy crinkle texture will arrive at your destination ready to wear. The cut of this top has room through the body which makes more breathable and airy.

Over the years, I’ve been collecting shells and different pieces to be made into statement jewelry. I love everything coastal chic. The corded material is a gorgeous touch to this inexpensive piece. Remember that when traveling, packing your most prized items is not the best idea.

Sarong Skirt

Wear as a skirt to dinner or as a cover up by the water.

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These best way to protect your skin from the sun while remaining stylish. Sarong skirts are great choice while packing because they’re impactful on your look without really being impactful on the weight of your suitcase.

Inexpensive Jewelry

You won’t cry if it gets lost in the sand!

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Don’t be afraid to be bold and play with contrasting tones. It doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you think. With elevated, core and neutral pieces in your vacay selection, it simplifies the styling process, making each item interchangeable.  I highly encourage you to take your island vacation as an opportunity to wear that color you’ve been waiting to try.