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Featured Designer: Will Huff

Apr 28

Featured Designer: Will Huff, is based in Atlanta and has worked across the southeast. I love how soothing and relaxing his spaces are while elegant and sophisticated. His work in Amelia Island, Florida inspired a curated outfit in the Coastal Grandmother edit.

Huff-Dewberry, Inc. is a boutique residential interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Fueled by the creative talents of William C. Huff, Jr. and Heather Dewberry Stoller, the partnership fashions homes that strike a balance between timeless beauty and modern comfort. Breathing new life into traditional style, Huff-Dewberry creates stylish interiors that reflect the personalities and interests of their clients, while incorporating the duo’s confident design perspective. Check out his Instagram and website.

Will grew up in Columbus, Georgia, and is now in Atlanta, with his wife and two children. His father was an interior decorator, so Will was exposed to many beautiful homes growing up. He says “I think it was ingrained in me!”

Along with designing, Will loves to entertain, spending time with family and friends. He enjoys setting the stage to laugh and visit with others. He was a cook before venturing into the design business. Right now, the go-to dish is a homemade pasta with a simple tomato sauce and baked tilapia.

How do you balance work and home life? Any tips?

“Since the inception of our company, we have made sure to treat it as a business as well as a passion. We work Monday through Friday nine to five. There are always exceptions, but you have to set boundaries to make sure you are present for family and friends.”

What is your favorite local spot for dinner? What is your go-to order?

“My favorite local restaurant is Wisteria in Inman Park. It has been around for over 20 years and still has old-school charm with great patio seating. I’m always happy with their fried green tomatoes, charred romaine caesar and diver scallops. Depending on my mood, I might get the vegetable plate…it is one of the best I’ve had!”

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

If I weren’t a designer, I think I would be bored!

What is your favorite room in your home?

“My favorite room in my home is my screened porch. It is a fairly good-sized room with plenty of comfortable seating, a tv and a dining area. I love to be outside, but I also want to be comfortable! Not only is our porch beautiful in the spring and summer, but it has a fireplace and retractable plastic blinds that allow us to use it all year long.”


What travel location or hotel is on your bucket list or a past destination or hotel that you fell in love with?

“My wife and I stayed at the Arté Boutique Hotel in Florence, Italy and fell in love with both! We had not been to Florence before and we rented the penthouse at the hotel. We had a rooftop terrace with beautiful views of the Duomo where we could start and end our day. It was pretty magical!”

Tell us about a challenging project you had.

“Every project has its own challenges ranging from deadlines to discontinued products. These challenges, however, make me think outside the box for solutions I may not have come up with otherwise, sometimes culminating fantastic results.”

What elements define your style? Do you have design signatures?

“Of course, comfort and elegance define our style, but we certainly have some signature elements to most of our projects. I love to use groupings of plates, brackets, starburst mirrors and other architectural elements on walls. I think having these alongside a mix of contemporary and traditional artwork adds depth and interest to a room.”

Where do you source art for projects? Who are your favorite artists?

“I recently purchased a Megan Lightell landscape for a client’s “piano lounge” that perfectly captures the moody essence we were going for. I have also purchased a Caleb Mahoney piece for a client’s family room that added just the right amount of whimsy and color for the space.”

What trend in home design do you wish would stop?

“Following trends, period. I have never followed trends. Good design is timeless. Rooms take wear and tear that need tending to and there are certainly ways to update pieces and looks, but overall, a home’s aesthetic should be able to remain as long as it suits the client.”

What is one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

“I really do love all of my projects. They are all special because of the clients I work with. That being said, one project in particular that people tend to love universally is one that I worked on down in Amelia Island. The house is surrounded on three sides by water and the architecture allowed for us to take advantage of the views and design an elegant and soothing home in varying shades of blue and white to tie in with its serene setting.”

Tell us about your china, everyday and occasional wear.

We have several sets of china…some that my wife and I received as wedding gifts, some that we have inherited over time and some that we have purchased because we just loved! Our everyday china is Raynaud “Villandry” in green. We chose it when we were engaged and I still love the simple basketweave design and subtle green border. Our formal china is Bernadaud “Constance”. I must be a sucker for green and white china! We try to use our china on a regular basis. I don’t think there is any point in having beautiful pieces if you aren’t going to use them!

Describe your dream client.

“My dream client is someone who has a strong sense of self and knows what they like, but once the general design concepts and schemes are selected, they let me run with the details. If I’m dreaming, they would also have several houses across the US, Europe, and the Caribbean and they would allow me to fill each of them with all of my favorite pieces!”

What design services do you offer?

“We offer a full-service design experience. We work with clients from the architectural development and construction phases up through the final installation of furnishings. We work on all aspects of a project down to the last wastebasket and tissue box cover.”

Will Huff’s Work & Styling Inspo

Jessie Preza Photography ( @jessiepreza )

“I love a canopy bed! The extra fabric adds a certain coziness to a room and helps to absorb sound to create a peaceful atmosphere for sleeping as well as just relaxing.”

Jessie Preza Photography ( @jessiepreza )

“The focus of this beautiful dining room is the antique screen that stretches almost the full length of the doom. The overall desire was to create a comfortable and collected room with a French flair full of antiques.”

Jessie Preza Photography ( @jessiepreza )

“One of my favorite spots in this home is the trellised gallery that leads to the primary bedroom. The wall of windows looks out to the expansive marsh view. We wanted to makes this a destination area that felt like you were in a garden to sit and watch the wildlife, the tides and the beautiful colors in the sky, so we had these benches made to have the look of an outdoor bench but the comfort of an indoor sofa.”

Jessie Preza Photography ( @jessiepreza )

“In this elegant living room, these stunning chairs were one of the first design elements we selected. Not only do they add a sculptural element to the room, they function as perfectly for a conversation for two as they do for visiting with a group of family and friends.”

Jessie Preza Photography ( @jessiepreza )

“In this elegant living room, these stunning chairs were one of the first design elements we selected. Not only do they add a sculptural element to the room, they function as perfectly for a conversation for two as they do for visiting with a group of family and friends.”

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