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My Makeup Routine



I have had this Bobbi Brown blush brush for 16 years! It’s been on every date, life event and trip since high school….if it could talk, it would have some stories to tell!! It’s definitely true that if you invest in good brushes they will last. But you have to take care of them, that post is coming soon.





I love my Glambox organizer!


My eyes look a little tired, but that’s because I’m nursing a newborn. A full night of sleep is a thing of the past.


These hydrangeas are from my garden!


If I have ALL the time in the world to get ready this is what my makeup routine would look like.  It looks like a ton of steps, but I’ve been doing this for a long time and can slap it all on pretty quickly in about 10-15 minutes.  Although, I do not have time to do, because I have three children under 3 1/2.  I’ve made notes below on where I skip certain steps if I’m in a rush, and I don’t want to look like a zombie!

1. I use the Smashbox Foundation Primer right after I finish moisturizing. If you want to read my skincare post you can click here.  It keeps your foundation on your face and from your makeup seeping into your pores.  I’ve definitely noticed  fewer blackheads on my nose from using it. You can buy it here. Also, I’ve noticed that I don’t reapply anything throughout the day, because my makeup stays put!

2. The Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is my favorite. I like a flawless finish, and this foundation delivers.  I started using it when I was pregnant. I was breaking out and needed full coverage.  Even though my skin has cleared up, I still use it. It’s like an imperfection eraser on your face. Whenever I’m buying foundation or concealer I always match up with the lightest color they sell. I use the color 1N1, and I also have the 1N2 color for when I start using self-tanner now that it’s summertime. You can buy it here, and I swear by this beauty blender sponge that I use to apply it.

3. My go-to blush is by Nars in the color Orgasm, haha. Yes mom, you read that correctly. In all of my posts I’m wearing that color, and you can buy it here.  And of course here is my go to brush.

4. I’m not sure if my eyebrows have always looked like they do now, but they aren’t as full as I want them to be.  I think three pregnancies in three years has definitely affected them. I have to fill them in, and if I don’t I think my face looks off. Brows are SO important, and my mother taught me from a VERY early age not to over pluck, so they don’t get too thin. Fuller brows give a more youthful appearance and soften the face. If you live in Atlanta I recommend going to Alyson at Authentic Beauty. She is the brow guru and will help you grow out your thin brows. I was big into threading years ago, and she is currently helping me recover from some aggressive threading!  Anyways, I use this brow palette and this brush. This product stays on and doesn’t ever smudge or smear.  I swear by it!!

5. Under my eyes I use two products.  I apply the Smashbox BB cream under my eyes and on the top part of my cheekbone.  I use the color Fair, and then when I get a little darker I use the color Light.  It just helps brighten the area and makes me look less tired.  I’ve been using Bobbi Brown concealer since I was 17, so obviously I love it.  If I have dark circles I will dab it on with my finger.  I use the color Ivory, and I apply both products by dabbing it with my finger.  Make sure you don’t pull the skin or rub too hard under your eyes, because the skin is thinner and you need to be gentle. You can get both products here and here.

6. If I have a blemish or random dark spot I found a new pencil from Bobbi Brown that works great. I can dab it on and blend with my finger a tiny bit, and it erases the spot. I love finding new awesome products like that.  You can buy that here, and I bought the color porcelain.

7. I don’t always wear eyeshadow, but if I’m in the mood I bounce around between neutrals.  Lately I’ve been using Era and Blanc Type from Mac. I love the long wear eyeliner from Nars. I typically just line under my eyes including my waterline.  The color I wear day-to-day is called Via Appia, and you can get it here. I use a CoverGirl mascara from the drugstore, and I have used it for years.  It’s the LashBastFusion in the color black/brown.  It never clumps when I apply it, which can be the most annoying thing about mascara. You can get it here.  I really like the Well-Rested eye primer from bareMinerals…your eyeshadow isn’t going anywhere if you apply it first.  Sometimes though, I just wear it by itself to brighten my eyes a bit. You can get it here. The two eyeshadow brushes I use is this one to apply all over, and then this one to contour the darker color.

8. I recently bought this shimmer palette, and it gives you 3 different options for a pretty glow. I have used this shimmer palette from MAC for years, and it’s 1/2 the price. I think it’s just as pretty, if not better. I always like shimmer so much more when I’m a little more tan, because it shows up a bit better and everything glows a bit more. I have been using this brush by Mac, but I plan on getting this one soon.

9. As you can see from the pic, I have a ton of lipsticks and glosses. My current fave is this one from Trish in the color perfect rose with this gloss.  It’s what stays in my makeup bag all the time, because it’s soft and goes with everything.

10. I love this finishing powder from Laura Mercier. It just sets everything nicely on your face, and I use this brush.

11. FINALLY, if I spray my face with this finishing spray it feels refreshing and sets everything. You will absolutely not have to reapply anything that day, except for maybe some lip gloss!

My makeup organizer is from Glamboxes, and it’s been the best organizer.  I love being able to see everything. Now I’m using more of my product…because I can find it! I have the biggest one they carry, so that I can grow into it. Haha!

Let me know if y’all have any questions about any of these products, AND if you have any products that you love please share them with me!

Photography by Jen Wright

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