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My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Mar 13

I have 3 kids to juggle in the morning so I never have more than 5 minutes to put on my makeup.  I have my routine down pat so I thought I would share it with you busy moms.  I’ve had a ton of you ask how I have time to do my makeup and juggle the kids, but the truth is I can do all of this super fast and hit all of the important areas.  Most of the time I end up applying half of it in the car at stop lights; you gotta do what you gotta do!

First step to looking refreshed and looking good is having an even skin tone.  For this, I use my favorite foundation by Estee Lauder.  This is a full coverage foundation that literally erases the things that need covered up on your face.  The fancy little brush I use is my favorite thing ever and totally worth the investment.  But, if you don’t want to buy that brush, there is a foundation brush that is included in the set I linked below 😉

The second step is covering any under eye circles.  For this I use my MAC concealer and if need be a touch of my bobbi brown concealer. I apply both of these with my finger.  Obviously if I have time, I would use a brush…

The third step is your eyebrows.  If I don’t fill in my eyebrows every day I feel naked. For those of you who have great brows, you can skip this step…I’m jealous.  This is my least favorite thing to do, but I still do it.  Your eyebrows are like the curtains that frame your face and I like nice and full curtains, haha. I use the angle brush from this set I linked below and a mix of the powders from this compact in the shade soft brown.  If I have time to add a little extra shape I’ll use this pencil too also in the shade soft brown.  It has a handy dandy brush on the end and a fin tip on the other end perfect for filling in.

The fourth step is slapping on a little mascara.  Just swipe on a coat or two and you will be all set.  Something is better than nothing and it will make you look less tired 😉  I am currently using this Maybelline mascara that arrived in my February Bless Box.

The fifth step is adding a little bit of check color.  I have been using the Nars Orgasm or Superorgasm lately.  They are both really popular colors that seem to look great on a ton of different skin tones. The brush I use is also included in that brush set linked below.

The sixth and final step is swiping on a little bit of colored lip gloss.  I have a whole drawer full of glosses, because I like to mix and layer.  Most of the time though, I don’t have the luxury of playing around too much with that and I reach for either this one (rosy ) or this one (bourgeoisie).

This can all be accomplished in less than 5 minutes, especially once you get the hang of it.  I keep my blush, concealer and lip color in a little makeup bag in my purse so I can just do it in the car.  I also keep this eyeliner in my bag too if I have extra time at a red light, but it’s definitely a must for date night, etc.

I recently purchased this 18 piece brush set for under $40 and I really love it.  It’s a lot of bang for your buck and it comes in a travel roll up to keep things organized. For this tutorial you would only be using the blush brush, the eyebrow brush and the angle brush for filling in the brows.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll be doing a full makeup look soon with some eyeshadow combos I love and tricks on how to make your circles under your eyes disappear.