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How To Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

How to make your house smell like christmas Home Aroma Home Aroma Home Aroma Home Aroma Home Aroma Home Aroma

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Home Aroma

I am already getting into the Christmas Spirit with this perfect Home Aroma DIY! I grabbed the freshest ingredients and let them steep in a pot to fill my entire home with a scent that literally smells just like Christmas!! To start I just boiled a pot of water and added some vanilla, fresh cranberries, fresh rosemary, two clementine’s, cinnamon sticks, fresh pine and some whole cloves! Let the pot simmer and the smell will literally fill your home in minutes! Throughout the day I added more water to freshen the pot up because the water will evaporate. This year we decided to use artificial trees, so I wanted to come up with another way for it to smell like the holidays and I found it to be perfect. Matt came home from work one day and immediately noticed how good it smelled and was shocked when I told him how simple it was. It’s great to just start in the morning when you’re making breakfast and let it linger all through out the day.
This could also be great as a little gift to give some coworkers or neighbors. Simply add the ingredients and put in a mason jar with some cute tulle and ribbon. Add a special touch of a hand-written note with the instructions and it will be a gift that keeps giving four hours on end! A perfect way to share the holiday spirit from house to house! This is also a great way to spice up your scent of the house throughout the whole year. Adding different fruits and essential oils will bring any kind of flavor you’re looking for. It is a great alterative to burning candle wax for hours on end. I personally feel like it brings a more home like scent to any kitchen and it the perfect way to get your family in the holiday spirit, because I know mine have!

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  1. 12.6.17
    Teresa said:

    I wonder if Matt was shocked because that awesome Christmas smell was non-edible?! 😂 Very helpful post!

  2. 12.8.17
    Holly said:

    I love this idea! I can’t wait to make this in the morning on Christmas day and fill our home with all the christmassy goodness. It is such a great idea to have a lovely aroma in your house, especially when you don’t have real trees to make one for you – we also have a fake tree & I always miss the smell! and you are so right this would make an awesome gift, might be a few friends that would love this.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  3. 12.11.17
    Gemma said:

    Fabulous idea!


  4. 10.4.18
    Tracey said:

    I love your idea’s.I can’t wait to try them! I look forward to more of your post.

  5. 8.23.19
    Wendy said:

    Could you possibly do it on a warm setting in crock pot?

    • 8.24.19

      oh yes I’m sure!

    • 12.1.22
      Ellen Carpenter said:

      I have a mini crockpot I use daily for my homemade potpourri. This way I can run out and not have to worry about anything on the stove.